Welcome to our reservation page.   Due to our small, but cosy place, we are using the online booking system to keep us all safe.  We look forward to seeing everyone again.  We have table santitisers, and vigrously clean up before. and after everyone who uses our tables.  See you soon! :)

Sit in - Take Away - Delivery

Sitting in updates  Due to recent restrictions from the Scottish Goverment, we will not be using our sit area after 6pm.  

If you wish to have food with us please book for around 5pm at the latest. 

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

**Collection or Takeaway**

Delivery: 12noon-10pm via:

Uber/Deliveroo/Just Eat/Restaurant 


Please click on link of your choice 

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Thai2Go Edinburgh

Bring your own booze